Learning Management Systems and it’s need for Security

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A learning management system (commonly abbreviated as LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs, classroom and online events, e-learning programs, and training content (Ellis 2009).

LMSs range from systems for managing training and educational records, to software for distributing courses over the Internet with features for online collaboration. E-learning content re-usability and interoperability is very essential and to achieve the same, the content has to be fully compliant with SCORM standards along with various industry standards in e-learning.

Security Available in System

Being a new concept, Security is still an open issue. Current Security is restricted to the end users access control, implementation of SSL on server etc. Training on LMS are of two major types i.e. Generic Product (Suitable for schools / institutes) and Custom Content (Suitable for corporate as per their need). Major revenue leakage happens in Type-1 where the target audience is standard and represents huge user base.

Due to multiple entities involved in complete system there are huge possibilities of:-


Unauthorized Usage

Reproduction of content

Reselling content

Proposed Solution

Trinity Future In Pvt Ltd (www.trifuturein.com) expertises in designing security solutions for e-Learning segment. Trinity (www.trifuturein.com) uses its state of art technologies and combines the best mix of its components & sdk to provide flexible, easy-to-use and secured solution to maximize ROI for customers.

Trinity(www.trifuturein.com) provides solution to take care of the LMS based Security issues.

Measurable Results

LAN Solution for LMS

o Contents kept encrypted

o Contents will not run in raw format

o Trinfin secured server embedded in Trinfin USB

o Content Distribution using USB

o Trinfin USB work as dongle for authentication

o USB – LAN Server binding at 1st run

o Security while executing [On fly decryption]

Different Variants of the solution:-

1. License Control

a. Decryption Server works from Dongle [Hardware Lock]

b. Time Bound with facility for Renewal

c. Decryption Server – Machine Bound. Installed & fused with machine.

Copy paste to another machine won’t work

d. Concurrent Client license

2. File Encryption

a. Generic with unique Trinfin Key method

b. Machine Specific on copying into machine

3. Distribution Channel

a. Trinfin USB

4. Content Updation

a. Manual Patch Distribution & Copy (In case of Generic file encryption)

b. Application Based, allows to patch machine specific files

c. Online Patch Management. Once deployed upgrade can be done using online distribution

For Further information, visit www.trifuturein.com

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