Trinity’s New Product Launch : D-Vault

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Written by George John. T, Information Security Expert, Trinity Future-In Pvt. Ltd.

D-Vault (Data-Vault) is designed to secure the distribution and execution of offline web content [CBT]. This is especially designed to serve e-Learning contents (html/js/css/images/videos). D-Vault comes with content processor which encrypts the content and writes the data in secured partition inside Trinfin USB. D-Vault is distributed with inbuilt Http Secured Server which executes the secured content and renders the content on host application like browser. D-Vault comes with Secured Browser which runs the content in embedded browser and handles security like copy / paste and screenshot capturing. All kind of decryption is done in memory without creating physical files.

Features include streaming support for videos, offset operation. For extra security Active-X controls are available for running swf / video files. D-Vault is designed in a way to give flexible options of implementing with dynamic web application also like with AIR / ASP / JSP / PHP etc. This will secure only SWF/FLV/VIDEOS in case its used with server side scripting.

D-Vault Desktop version is meant to load content inside USB and directly run the content inside D-Vault browser. This version hides data inside the usb and runs the content directly from memory without creating any decrypted file. This is replacement of CD Distribution and overcome all security threats & DRM issues of CD distribution. USB cannot be replicated and the data cannot be counterfeited. This technology can be used for many verticals such as LAN based tutorials, Hard-Disk based tutorials, Client Server based learning system, also for the Internet module.

Supported Formats :- html,jpg,bpm,gif,mpeg,mp4,wmv,dat,js,flv, swf, txt, xml

Steps to use:-

1. Load the content into Trinfin USB

a. Select source folder (which contains all data)

b. Select the default page name to set as startup page

c. Processor will load the secured content inside USB

2. Distribute USB like the content distributed in CD

3. Launch Trinity Loading Application

4. Web application will be loaded from usb via Secured browser

Security Measures:-

1. Distributed Data will be available in encrypted format

2. Data are stored in secured partition hence it would be invisible in USB partition

3. Replication of device is not possible

4. Secured against counterfeiting

5. Data copy / paste & screen shots are disabled.

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